Monday, March 4, 2013

Lunch Lesson: Sour Cream

Today I learned a lunch lesson.

Sour cream does NOT go in the microwave!

I don't have any pictures of today's lunch because it was very cold last night when I made it and very gloomy this morning before work. I also did not have my photo cube set up and was running late this morning when getting ready for work (typical Monday).

Today I had a chili baked potato, salad, and a cherry empanada. Packed in my red Goodbyn Bynto.

I do not have any lidded sauce containers that I could have put the sour cream or ranch dressing in, so I just put them on the foods themselves and into the box. The salad did ok. The potato how ever did not. It still tasted good, but microwaving the sour cream completely destroyed it. The flavor was drastically weakened and the texture was ruined. It turned into a cottage cheese looking mess.

Definitely will not be microwaving sour cream again! LESSON LEARNED!

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